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Our testimonials speak for themselves. Quality of service, the best components and workmanship coupled with a high level of technical understanding mean you get the right system.

Doing the right thing for both the environment and your family can be daunting, never more so than when it involves work on your property. You need people who you feel you can trust, do a quality job and do it safely. With Cuberoot – energy I found just these qualities.
My 30 tube solar hot water installation was well organised with a lot of care given to my property and a lot of thought into how it should be installed to make sure I get the very best performance and reliability out of it.
As a family we’ve been able to reduce our annual carbon footprint from 14 tons of CO2 to just above 5 tons. The solar hot water system from Cuberoot - energy has played an important role in helping to achieve this, and whilst we still have a way to go to finally become carbon neutral we feel the system has paid for itself already and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Mr Plant Birmingham

“Cube Root couldn’t have been more helpful in tailoring the system to our needs. The installation was professional, and we are now reaping the benefit in significantly cheaper fuel bills”
Mr Shaw Leicestershire

'We had solar water heating installed for a modest price last summer. Over the year our consumption of fuel oil has declined by about 25%. Even with the low price of oil we should get our investment back within 5 years. So we not only save money but have a lower carbon footprint to boot! '
Mr Belsey Newmarket

"Last summer, after a considerable amount of research into the various options and costs, I installed a 120 tube solar panel system - supplied and commissioned by Cube Root - to heat the swimming pool attached to our self-catering holiday business. The pool was re-opened in May this year (2009), and on sunny days, the water temperature has been consistently in the mid 20s - sometimes higher. I am delighted with the efficiency of the solar system, and with the advice and support received from Cube Root. Thus far, the system has been problem and maintenance free, and even though the price of heating oil has fallen somewhat over the past twelve months, there are already significant cost savings over the original oil-fired heating system, apart from the very obvious environmental benefits of such a "clean" option."
Mr Vercoe Devon

We turned our boiler off at the beginning of April and so far have only used it about 6 times a month to boost the hot water when it has been cloudy for a few days.
Ms Sheppard Leicestershire

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Solar heating
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