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Interested in renewables and energy saving?

We understand the advantages and disadvantages of the available renewable technologies, because we have designed and installed many solutions for customers. We can provide a solution to any requirement for renewable technologies.

We also have numerous energy saving solutions, on the basis its easier to save energy that is being wasted rather than making it to be wasted. We have installed thousands of Fluorescent lamp replacement units saving up to 56% of the energy used for the
same light output. Whether you have a new build site or an existing building in either the domestic or commercial spheres we can build you a solution which will fit your requirements and your pocket.

We have worked on numerous domestic projects combining technologies for example Solar PV and Solar Thermal. One Customer has added a log burner to his renewables story to minimise the Gas boiler usage.

Wood burning stove installation (PDF)

With the new Renewable Heat Incentive Feed-in-Tariffs then all of the renewable technologies have a Feed-In-Tariff payment, so that it becomes clearly advantageous to look at alternative methods for both space and water heating.

In our industrial client base we have fitted numerous technologies. At a local college we installed Solar PV and Thermal, Ground and Air Source Heat pumps and even a Wind Turbine. The Forestry Commission asked us to install complete new lighting systems and Solar Thermal solutions at 3 of their sites.

The combination of Feed-In-Tariffs, the fact that 100% can be claimed against corporation tax and low rate of VAT can make a renewable technology a very easy choice, even in recessionary periods.

We only supply the best of breed products in all the areas we specify products into. We will supply a Renewable solution which will be a part of the household/commercial systems, and hence needs to be both reliable, and should the anything fail, be repairable/replaceable without any problems.

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